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How to proxy Swetrix with Netlify

You can use Netlify redirects to proxy Swetrix analytics traffic via your domain.

Setup Netlify rewrites rules

First, you need to add the following rules to the _redirects file. If you don't already have it, you will need to create it first.

/script.js 200
/sproxy 200

Instead of /script.js and /sproxy routes, you can use any other name. We recommend using a generic name or even just random letters to avoid being blocked by adblockers in the future.


Make sure you don't use /log, /analytics, /analytics.js or any similar name, because they're blocked by many adblockers by default.

Update Swetrix tracking script configuration

After you set up Netlify redirect rules, you need to update swetrix.js tracking script to send analytics data through it. You can do it by setting the apiURL property inside the init() function.

swetrix.init('YOUR_PROJECT_ID', {
apiURL: 'https://<yourproxydomain>/sproxy',

If you are not using the Swetrix NPM package, don't forget to also replace with your proxy URL in the analytics <script> tag.