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Exceeding your subscription plan limits

First of all, we don't stop collecting traffic or charge extra if you have an occasional traffic spike. We also don't stop collecting data if you miss your invoice for a short period of time. There are no hidden charges and we won't charge your card unexpectedly.

If you exceed your subscription plan, we won't automatically upgrade you to the next one because it's unethical.

We may block your dashboard if:

  • You exceed your subscription plan for two consecutive months, or
  • You exceed your event quota by more than 30%.

If this happens, we will not lock your dashboard immediately. Instead, we will give you 7 days notice that your traffic has exceeded your subscription tier and provide you with information on how to resolve the issue.

We may also lock your dashboard if you miss a bill. We will lock the dashboard after 5 failed attempts.

We will not stop collecting your analytics data even if your dashboard is temporarily locked. If you upgrade to an appropriate toer that reflects your traffic usage (or the payment issues are resolved) - the dashboard will automatically be unlocked.

We will only stop collecting data if our invoices go unpaid for many months, the dashboard is locked for a long time, or if you have exceptionally high traffic to your site and the billing issue is not resolved.